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Renaissance Wax


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Renaissance Wax is the finest cleaner/polish wax available, specified by museums, art galleries and conservators throughout the world. It will gently lift the grime of antiquity and murky deposits of other polishes, leaving surfaces delightful to see and touch.

May be used on any solid surface including wood, metal (Swords and armour), marble, onyx, shell, stone, ivory, plastics or leather/paper. Its translucency allows unlimited applications and polish never stains or discolours. The hardness of the matured wax coating gives excellent protection against normal spillages, finger marks, natural acidity etc.

Renaissance Wax has a melting point of around 90-98oc making it suitable for lamp shades, chandeliers or use under spot lighting where other waxes may not be suitable.

Renaissance wax's suitability for use is expansive and is trusted as a protective layer for exhibits in museums worldwide, and has been for many years.

The special seamless aluminium container ensures wax will remain in perfect condition long after other polishes have hardened and become useless.