What is Raven Forge?

Hey! Welcome to Raven Forge!

We are an epic family-run online business, with our HQ residing in the wonderful small town of Sunny Silsden, West Yorkshire. 

Sam and Tom Ive started the company back in October 2019, it's founded on a deep love of history, fantasy and community. The business went from strength to strength far faster than anticipated, driven forward by the amazing Raven Forge - Community Facebook Group (You can join the group by clicking here) and a whole host of bat-crap crazy ideas (Yea we invented the Pizza Axe, that happened). 

The guys are backed up by the wonderful Sazzle, she hand-paints epic shields. Not to mention she can bubble wrap parcels like her life depends on it...

We also have Jacob, a Jack of all Trades here at Raven Forge, and an excellent hobby blacksmith. 

Finally there is myself, Rosie, sister to Sam and Tom. I do the ace job of talking to all you lot and manage most of our social media (Found by clicking here). The best job in the world, you guys are bloody great!

Here at Raven Forge we put massive care into everything we do, any questions or if you have anything you need to discuss with us, feel free to email sales@ravenforge.com and I'll get back to you ASAP (there's always someone in the emails).

We think you're all great, and enjoy having a browse of our shop! 

- The Raven Forge Team