About Us

Welcome to Raven Forge!


Raven Forge is a family-run business that was founded in 2019 by brothers Sam and Tom Ive. Built from the ground up, Raven Forge started as two brothers with a love of history and fantasy, both excitedly selling axes and swords from their living room. It soon grew into something much bigger: a two-unit warehouse, workshop and office complete with an unstoppable one-of-a-kind team who are super passionate about what they do, and an unbeatable community that came with it.


Raven Forge invented the now world-renowned Pizza Axe, the design hand-drawn and specified by Sam Ive. From prototype to protype, version to version, the Pizza Axe has grown and developed over time, and is something all of the Raven Forge team are immensely proud of.



Much of the success of the business has been driven by the amazing Raven Forge social media community (you can join the Facebook group by clicking here) who have always supported the Raven Forge growth and ethos beyond measure. The community group is second-to-none, it is without a doubt the most welcoming and supportive group of people out there.


Raven Forge has a team of incredibly passionate, hard-working individuals. Tom continually strives for Raven Forge excellence; he is the cogs in the machine and keeps Raven Forge running like clockwork. Sam Ive is a multi-faceted force, drawing up and designing a huge number of the Raven Forge products, as well as creating excellent custom pieces in our workshop. Tom & Sam are backed an amazing team unit in the office, warehouse, and workshop alike; the team are exceptional and talented, they have a proper laugh whilst working incredibly hard together.



As a final note, Raven Forge continues to go from strength to strength; thank you so much for your support, you truly have made Raven Forge what it is today.


Stay great,


The Ive Brothers