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Beskar Steel
£9.30 £31.00
Cap' Shield
£199.00 £220.00
Bone Runes
£27.00 £31.00
Mercenary Sword
£99.00 £121.00
Floki Hatchet
£69.00 £79.00

The Original Pizza axe!

Did you come here looking for the original Pizza Axe?

Drawn, designed and fine-tuned by our very own Sam Ive here at Raven Forge; the Pizza Axe is one of our best selling products, with Pizza Axes in over 20 different countries around the world. It has glowing online reviews from both pizza-lovers and axe-lovers alike!

Personalised Axes

If you want something customizing, please email the team at with your ideas and we'll get the ball rolling