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Ultimate Whetstone - Raven Forge


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The Raven Forge Ultimate Whetstone is the perfect gift for knife lovers, tinkerers and workshop dwellers the world over. 

The set comes with a premium, 1000/6000 Whetstone , equipped with a non-slip rubber base to hold the whetstone in place while in use. The base of the wooden box holds a few really useful items that we think every sharpening kit shouldn't be without. A flattening stone, which is used to flatten the surface of the whetstone after use, keeping it in top condition and an angle guide, which can be affixed to the top of the blade for that perfectly angled grind. 

This gift set is presented in a luxury wooden Raven Forge box, etched with the fan of spears and with integrated magnets to keep the lid in place.

This thing is exceptional and whether you're buying it for yourself or another, the recipient is going to be really happy!

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Materials: Acacia Wood, Corundum 
Stone length: 18cm 
Flattening stone length: 9cm
Weight (without box): 0.75kg
Weight: (with box): 1.25kg