Z-Grade Pizza Axes - Seconds


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Right guys, as well you know, we're very proud of our pizza axes. Occasionally, as handmade products sometimes do, they have somewhat of a disaster strike. 

These pizza axes are exactly that. 

Now don't get me wrong, they're cool as hell and for £15 you can't really go wrong, but there's a reason they're 15 quid - these are most definitely not up to the standard of our usuals, and have multiple examples of cosmetic damage such as faded runes, chips in the steel, large pitted marks and imperfections, rust etc.

Like, it would make a pretty cool doorstop? right? RIGHT?! 

Anyways, these pizza axes are total clearance items that are insanely low priced, they are exempt from our returns policy and therefore cannot be returned. All of these pizza axes have different imperfections, and may look different to the one in the photo.

Specifications (please note this is a handmade product, they may vary slightly):
Weight: 730g
Length: 22cm
Blade length: 22cm
Handle length: 12cm
Blade depth: 12cm
Blade material: high carbon steel
Handle material: rosewood

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