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Saxon Longsword

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Early Saxon swords of the 5th and 6th centuries had long straight blades and often had this distinct waisted hilt, these swords were often embellished with knotwork or depictions of stylised animals. These were the swords of the Saxon warriors and to own one was to be a member of a warrior elite.

As much as I wouldn't call this a long sword, its bloody long for swords from this region and time. I love the way this feels in the hand and it makes me want to splinter shields!

This sword features a fullered EN45 spring steel blade and authentic waisted hilt. This museum quality replica sword is suitable for living history and display.
Approximate specifications are as follows:

Edge: Blunt
Length: 91cm
Width at quillons: 1.25cm
Blade width: 5cm
Blade length: 75cm
Grip length: 12.5cm
Weight: 1.6kg

Material: EN45 polished steel

Please keep dry when not in use and regularly oil to keep in great condition.
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