Raven Knife


In Norse Mythology, the Raven is held with the utmost regard. Odin, the highest god, had two ravens; Huginn and Muninn ("thought" and "memory" respectively), who flew around the world bringing back tidings to their master. Therefore, one of Odin's many names was the "raven god" (Hrafnaguð).

We had a few of these raven knives commissioned by our forge guy, they have a Raven head on the end of the grip, they're shipped sharp and with a leather grip and sheath, perfect for every day use, keep it well oiled and it'll serve you for a long time. 

Approximate specifications:

Full length: 18cm 
Wrap: Brown Leather
Steel: High carbon steel 

You must be over 18 to buy this product or view this website. These items are shipped very sharp please use with care, and please regularly oil to keep in great condition.