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Elven Spear


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NOTE: These spears are custom made by Sam & Jacob at RFHQ, they can have a wait time of up to three weeks.

“I thought that Elves were all for moon and stars: but this is more elvish than anything I ever heard tell of. I feel as if I was inside a song, if you take my meaning.”

- Samwise Gamgee - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Taking inspiration from the Elven folk, Sam used his creative genius to conjure up this beautiful piece. It has an intricately acid-etched spearhead and is hafted on green-stain English Ash. Complete with green leather wrap, and a hand-made brown leather leaf.  

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Edges: Blunt
Full Length: 56.5 inches. 
Spear Head Length: 12 inches. 
Weight: 1kg

High Carbon Steel Care: Please keep dry when not in use and regularly oil to keep in great condition.

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