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Boromir's Sword - The Lord of The Rings


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Boromir's sword was single-handed, big, broad and powerful - a fit complementary to its owner. To use it required someone with great strength, which this skilled warrior abundantly possessed.

The blade's flattened diamond shape and equally wide fuller reduced weight, yet retained strength in the end of the blade by stopping just short of the tip. The guard, similar to that of his father's sword, showed a warrior's flourish in that it was formed from a square-edged piece of steel that had been twisted before being curved into a crescent. The handgrip was wide like the blade, and the pommel was an elegant and simple piece of steel that added weight to balance the blade.

The large 78cm blade is constructed of polished 420 stainless steel, leading to a robust grip, full-steel pommel and twisted quillons. The sword comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and a solid wood display plaque. The perfect addition to any Lord of The Rings collection. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Length: 99cm
Blade Length: 78cm
Weight: 1814g
Edge: Blunt
Width: 7cm
Grip Length: 11cm
Brand: United Cutlery

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