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Grimnir - Afon Mêl


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Flavour notes:

Rich and sweet mead fermented from Mexican Agave honey.

This Mead has an extremely complex flavour, with the honey being unlike any UK honey. It’s rich, and bold and has notes of caramel and finishes with almond/marzipan on the palate, with a hint of bitterness. This is another Mead to be shared around the fire pit with friends or thoughtfully sipped and savored in the comfort of your home.

About the Meadery:

Afon Mêl have been beekeeping for 25 years and making mead for 20 years and this shines through in there products. Their bees have an exciting selection of flowers to choose from in the hills and valleys around the Meadery, such as Sycamore, Hawthorn, Willow, Clover and Blackberry that all grow wild in the hedgerows, They are also the only producers of mead to have ever won the highest award from the Guild of Fine Food, The Great Taste, Golden Fork Award.

Other Information:
Vol: 70cl
ABV: 14%