The Original Pizza Axe

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Please be aware that customised pizza axes can have a 2-3 week lead time. Use the drop down menu to select the customised option if you would like a personalized handle. It can come with a name or lettering which must be supplied in the comments of the order or by facebook message or email

Behold, the ultimate pizza cutter, designed and made solely for Raven Forge to be the final form of all pizza cutters. The holy hand grenade of pizza cutters. The Blade is adorned with elder futhark runes spelling out our company name "Raven Forge". It's designed to work like an ulu knife so when you cut the pizza, the toppings stay put with no nasty wheel cleaning.

The pizza axe has seen many upgrades since its first run back in early 2020. The handle has been upgraded from rosewood to English ash, Rosewood is also unsustainable long term. The blade started life as high carbon steel which takes a lot of care, it is now 440 stainless steel which is much easier to keep clean and much more kitchen-friendly. The original etching was done with Acid and is now done by laser which is much cleaner and deeper. This Pizza axe has hit its final form, an amazing looking kitchen utensil built and upgraded to be a perfect fit for purpose. 

The Pizza axe was designed originally by our very own Sam Ive and is, in our very biased opinion, by far the best and greatest pizza cutting tool on the market.

Shipped with a veg-tanned leather cover, this is a serious piece of kit.

Specifications (please note this is a handmade product, they may vary slightly):
Edge: Sharp
Length: 22cm
Blade width: 12cm
Blade length: 22cm
Grip length: 12cm
Weight: 730g
Blade material: 440 Stainless steel
Handle material: English ash with a light burn to show the grain
Sheath Material: Veg-tanned leather with push stud.

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