Diamond-Back Boarding Axe


The boarding axe was a combat tool and weapon from the fighting age of sail. It was used for many purposes, often during fires - for breaking open doors, windows, and creating holes for smoke escape. It was also used during combat, primarily during boarding action between ships - cutting through anti-boarder nets and lines, to smash through the doors and windows of cabins to attack the opposing crew who may be defending that as a stronghold.

This boarding axe features a curved blade, balanced with a four-sided spike of diamond cross-section, and is really a thing to behold. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 


Weight: 1.2kg 
Length: 46cm
Total Head Length: 24.5cm
Blade Length: 11cm

Blade Material: High carbon steel
Haft Material: Ash
Grip Material: Brown Leather
Sheath Material: Brown Leather
Edge: Sharp

You must be over 18 to buy this product. This product is made of high carbon steel, which is not moisture resistant. If it comes in contact with water, please dry completely. Oil regularly to keep in top condition.