Wye Valley Meadery - Session Mead Collection


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Wye Valley Meadery are a small, family run company founded by two brothers and based in the beautiful Wye Valley, in the Welsh borders.

Combining their love of nature with their interest in brewing, the brothers set out to create something as original as possible by taking the world’s oldest form of alcohol, and giving it a modern sparkling twist. What they have created is innovative, light, refreshing and rich in flavour, but also steeped in history. A true blend of old and new. 

This is mixed selection of 6 of Wye Valley Meadery's stunning sparkling session meads:

  • Pure Honey - balanced, smooth, medium sweet & refreshing. 
  • Honey & Rhubarb - Rhubarb juice combined with a sweeter mead, a perfect blend of sweet and sour. 
  • Honey & Hops - dry hopped with Citra hops - where craft beer meets mead!
  • Honey & Elderflower - a classic spring elderflower flavoured sparkling mead 
  • Honey & Ginger - sparkling mead infused with root ginger for that fiery yet sweet combination.
  • Sour Cherry - a light fruity sourness with delicious cherry notes - a perfect sweet and sour complex! 

Vol per bottle: 330ml
ABV: 4%

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