War Axe - Windlass


The War Axe by Windlass has a striking, sweeping cutting edge and back spike, the handle is curved and feels wonderful in the hand. this axe is semi-sharp and would be great for living history, a great display piece or lighter working. 

This is the Windlass range of display and living history arms and armour imported from Toledo Spain. Windlass Steelcraft take pride in their levels research and design and supply high quality replicas of historical and fictional weaponry around the world.

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Edge: Blunt
Length: 66cm
Blade width: 8.75cm
Blade length: 17.5cm
Grip length: 53.75cm
Weight: 800g

Material: English ash haft, high carbon steel

*You must be over 18 to buy this product or view this website. 

*With these being high carbon steel, please keep dry when not in use and regularly oil to keep in great condition.