Winchester 1866 Rifle 1140G - Denix



This is a superbly realistic replica of the Winchester Rifle, the original Winchester rifle - the Winchester Model 1866 - was famous for its rugged construction and lever-action mechanism that allowed the rifleman to fire a number of shots before having to reload: hence the term, "repeating rifle." Nelson King's new improved patent remedied flaws in the Henry rifle by incorporating a loading gate on the side of the frame and integrating a round sealed magazine which was covered by a fore stock.

Approximate specifications as follows: 

Height: 22 cm
Width: 98 cm
Depth: 4 cm
Material: Wood, Zamec

Weight: 2.95kgAt Raven Forge we sell replica firearms manufactured before the year 1869 in accordance with UK law, still, due to the nature of the product, you must be over the age of 18 to buy this product. You must also live here in the UK, we cannot ship this overseas as customs would have an actual fit. This is not a toy, it's a replica.