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Wallace Stirling Monument Replica

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The William Wallace Sword on display at the Stirling Monument, Scotland, is alleged to have been used by Wallace at the battles of Stirling Bridge and Falkirk. After Wallace's death, the sword was refitted with a 16th Century hilt by John de Menteith, governor of Dumbarton Castle.

This sword is a replica of the one displayed at the Stirling Monument. It features a huge 136cm blade, the total length of the sword being an intimidating 166cm The hilt fittings are made from solid steel and features a leather-wrapped wooden grip. This impressive sword has a blunt blade, and is designed for display only as due to it's sheer size, there is some flex in the blade.

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Length: 166cm
Blade Length: 136cm
Grip Length: 26cm
Blade Width: 5cm
Guard Width: 28cm
Guard Depth: 15cm
Colour: Brown, Silver
Material: Steel, Leather
Weight: 3.28kg


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