Viking Short Spear - Seconds

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This spear is seconds as the head is slightly warped, a good project or display piece.

The spear was the most common weapon in Saxon and Scandinavian warfare. It was cheaper and required less skill to produce than a sword. It held great cultural significance to the Viking warrior as it was the primary weapon of Odin, king of the Norse gods.

Spears were used by the peasant and warrior class alike and played a key role in Viking formations and tactics. The Vikings used spears for thrusting and throwing, the latter being less common as there was no guarantee you would get it back! 

These leaf spears are made for throwing. We recommend soft targets like hay as with all thrown weapons, Even high carbon ones like these, there's a chance the steel will bend if thrown at hard objects.

Spear design varies but all are a 1m long 30mm Ash Hardwood handle and the heads are hand peened.

Returns on products that you are not satisfied with will, of course, be accepted but unfortunately we can't accept returns of thrown spears.


Full length: 118.5cm
Head length: 22cm


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