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The Dark Scavenger


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The Dark Scavenger sabre is truly something else. This beast has a whopping 72cm foldable hilt - when folded, the hilt is held together via magnets; you can flip-snap the hilt back to straight, which is pretty immense and tests your saber skills. Each side of the hilt is a separate entity, meaning you can change the blade colour and style on both sides independently. The Dark Scavenger is a must for any saber enthusiast!

The hilt is formed of a lightweight aluminium metal, leading to a Neopixel Blade. Our sabers come with 12 pre-installed soundboards, and are fully motioned control enabled. The sabers feature variable blade styles, including a large array of changeable colours so you can fully customise your kyber.

Raven Forge

Saber Electronic Specifications – Neopixel.

Our sabers are already mad impressive, but a neopixel upgrade gives you chance to experience an insanely realistic saber with outstanding new and improved effects and features. Neopixel blades feature a LED strip that gives immense control over colour and effects, letting you customize a saber perfect for you, as well as all sorts of other exceptional new features.

A neopixel upgrade will include all of the already fantastic electronic specifications of our sabers, as well as the following new features:

  • Neopixel Blade
  • Super Smooth Blade Ignition
  • 7 Unique Blade Lighting Actions
  • 34 Sound Effects
  • 10 Distinct Blade Modes
  • Flash-On-Clash Precision
  • Tip-Drag & Melt Actions
  • Proffie Board Technology 2.2
  • 16GB SD Card

You can take your Raven Forge Saber a step further and customize it to be completely personal to you, fully changing the electronics to your own specifications:

  • Add Your Own Blade Effects
  • Add Your Own Blade Settings
  • Add Your Own Sounds Effects
  • Edit Clash Sensitivity
  • Customised Motion Controls
  • Customised Pixel Length
  • Choose Your Start-Up/Shut-Down Times
  • Choose Your Volume

Please note Neopixel blades are not suitable for full-contact duelling.

Raven Forge Sabers Contents

All our saber hilts are fully functional and ready to go – no technical electronics knowledge needed to assemble and begin using your saber. This saber contains the following:

1 x pre-assembled, lightweight aluminum Metal saber hilt
1 x Full removable saber blade
1 x New and upgraded USB-C Rechargeable Battery (installed)
1 x New and upgraded USB-C Fast Charging Cable
1 x Saber User Manual
1 x Spare Tool Kit for any alterations or maintenance