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The Biggest Horn On The Internet! (10L)


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In Nordic culture, folks raised drinking horns full of mead, wine or beer for many moons. Horns also held place in Norse mythology; when Odin returns to Valhalla he is greeted by the Valkyries bearing mead in drinking horns. In another tale, the giant Utgard-Loke tricks Thor by having him try to drink from a horn that had its other end in the sea, preventing him from finishing the drink.

Ok, so we're not kidding... this is the biggest drinking horn on the internet. It comes in at a whopping 10L. Yeah, you heard me.... 10L... that's 17 pints. The thing is insane!! Fit for Odin himself!

The interior is sealed with resin for the best drinking experience, and to prevent damage to the horn. 

Care Instructions:

Not suitable for dishwasher, rinse immediately after use and clean gently with cold water and dish soap. Not suitable for hot drinks, as heat may warp the horn.

Important: Drinking horns are handmade and are natural products. They can differ in appearance, in terms of size and colour. All of our horns are a by-product of the meat industry.