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Sword of Omens


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"Thunder...Thunder--Thunder--ThunderCats HO!!!"

The Sword of Omens is a as iconic as it comes, The blade of the Sword of Omens can extend or retract, being in the form of a dagger when resting, and a full-length Longsword form when at full strength and power. The blade itself is near indestructible, shown to be extremely strong, durable, and razor-sharp. It is able to slice through hardened materials such as steel and solid stone with relative ease.

Wielded by the legendary Lion-O, this sword is the thing of dreams for any 80's kid

Edge: Blunt
Length: 110cm
Width at quillons: 23cm
Blade width: 5.7cm
Blade length: 83cm
Grip length: 27.5cm
Weight: 2.3kg

Material: metal alloy grip, stainless steel blade