Steel Apocalypse Axe

£290.00 £249.00

Boasting a truly impressive combination of elements, this axe is a beastly piece of insane craftsmanship. Sporting a huge, gnarly double-bladed head that leads to a distinctive crooked and curved all-metal haft, it's finished with a mean jagged tail-spike. This really is a wickedly unique piece. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Edge: Sharp
Length: 78cm
Blade width: 17.5cm & 12.5cm
Blade length: 30cm & 18.75cm
Grip length: 60.5cm
Weight: 4.8kg

Material: high carbon steel

This axe has a functional cutting edge, at nearly 5kg this piece would probably be best suited as a display piece. 

This axe is high carbon steel, so must be kept dry or dried properly after use, as well as regularly oiled to keep in pristine condition.


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