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Stánhenge Traditional Mead - Stone Circle Mead Company


Mead, the oldest known alcoholic drink, was honoured by the ancient Greeks, Bacchus was the god of mead long before wine. Queen Elizabeth I had her own royal mead recipe. Chaucer refers to mead, as does Shakespeare, and, of course, mead was the drink of choice in month-long wedding celebrations hence "honeymoon". 

Flavour notes:
Stánhenge (Old English for Stonehenge) is the Stone Circle Mead Company's traditional medium-dry mead. It's patiently fermented and aged in oak, and is simply just as delicious! Try it chilled as an accompaniment to rich chocolate puddings. 

About the Meadery:
The Stone Circle Mead Company are based in Wrexham, UK. They have been making fantastic meads for decades, driven by a deep love of the history of mead. 

Other Information:
Vol: 70cl
ABV: 13.7%
Allergen info: Contains sulphites 

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