Roman Centurion Galea


Galeas were a Roman soldiers helmet, plumed versions such as these were used primarily by legionaries. Plumed Galeas were traditionally made of horsehair and were coloured red, however, they did occur in other colours such as yellow, black and purple. There is some evidence to suggest that longitudinally plumed Galeas such as these was exclusively legionary and that centurions had them mounted transversely. 

Our Galeas are available with plumes in both classic red and a more unique yellow. They are made from high carbon steel with brass detailing, and moveable ear panels. The plumes can be removed depending on preference. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Full length with the plume: 51cm
Full length without plume: 30cm 
Circumference (internal): 61cm
Weight: 2.3kg

These do not come with stands.