Rollo Battle Axe


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The head of this mega axe is hardened steel and holds a very rustic aesthetic. It is sold 3mm blunt and comes with a high-quality leather sheath with a belt loop. This really is a huge, magnificent axe; it is heavy in the hand and is a right beast!

This custom has been part-charred and waxed, with chunky brown leather detailing on the grip and up the haft. Finished with a hand-burnt Rollo bind-rune. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Length: 74cm 
Blade Length: 17cm 
Head Length: 19cm 
Weight: 1.5kg 
Materials: English Ash, leather, high carbon steel. 

You must be over 18 to buy this product. High carbon steel is not moisture resistant, please regularly oil to keep in top condition.