Long Flintlock Pistol Replica (KS312.01) - Medio Evo


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Flintlock pistols were used as both military and self-defence weapons. Their effective range was much shorter than a musket and they were frequently used in combination with sword or cutlass. The flintlock mechanism was first added to pistols in 1610 and by 1630 they started to become more common. The Parliamentarian cavalry were known to use early forms of flintlock pistol during the English Civil War. They proved to be effective against the unarmoured musketeers but were no match for the armour worn by both pikemen and cavalry. During the 1700's flintlock pistols would be carried by army and navy officers, as well as more notorious characters such as pirates and highwaymen. The flintlock pistol remained popular until the middle of the 19th century when it was gradually replaced by the more reliable percussion cap pistol.

Our Flintlock Pistol is hand crafted in Italy. It features a real wood stock and cast metal parts with an antique finish. Although this item is designed and manufactured with display in mind, the firing mechanism does work and the hammer can be released by pulling the trigger. It is not possible to make this item fire and it is not suitable for re-enactment.

Length: 38cm
Width: 5cm 
Height: 10cm 

At Raven Forge we sell replica firearms manufactured before the year 1869 in accordance with UK law, still, due to the nature of the product, you must be over the age of 18 to buy this product. You must also live here in the UK, we cannot ship this overseas as customs would have an actual fit. This is not a toy, it's a replica.