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Reenactment sword - Curved pommel - Clearance

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Our new and very own reenactment sword is created with the reenactment community and full contact sparring in mind. Combining quality and affordability, this sword is hand-forged, hammered and ground from S1 shock resistant tool steel, full peened tang, a 3mm fighting edge and some flex for safety. 

NOTE - These are our MK4 reenactment swords and we are still working on the quality of the leather work as they vary from sword to sword, also these swords have a hand-hammered finish which is highly authentic for the time period, however not to every ones taste.

This sword is seconds as the grip could do with replacement leather.

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Full length - 91cm
Grip length - 17cm
Blade length - 74cm
Blade width at tip: 30mm
Blade width at base: 45mm
POB: 21cm
Weight: 1KG
Grip material: Leather
Steel composition: S1 shock resistant tool steel
Scabbard: No Scabbard

As this is S1 steel, it is not moisture resistant. Please make sure it is dried properly if in contact with water, and regularly oiled to keep in top condition. 


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