The Nidhogg Axe

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According to legend, the dragon Nidhogg lived under the roots of Yggdrasil and symbolised death. This beautifully carved axe has a highly polished bearded axe head, which leads to a sweeping red-stained haft. The haft is adorned with an intricate knotwork-style Nidhogg head carving on both sides; the level of detail and craftmanship is mind-blowing. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Edge: Sharp
Length: 46cm
Blade width: 12.5cm
Blade length: 13.75cm
Grip length: 42cm
Weight: 1kg

Material: high carbon steel

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This axe is high carbon steel, so must be dried properly after use, as well as regularly oiled to keep in pristine condition.