Raven Forge Runed Seax - Seconds

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These are seconds as they are not up to our usual standards.

Seax is the Old English term for knife, but the usage of the word also includes short swords and daggers. The Saxons, whose namesake came from the seax itself, were often known to carry them, both men and women alike. They were usually used as all-purpose tools, varying in size, as to fit the function necessary of the wielder. 

This seax is big, very sharp and fully functional. Made from high carbon 1080 steel, it has been forged based on designs found historically, the broken back on the seax and the rune work on the blade really are a stunning contrast. These are sharpened and come complete with a leather sheath with belt loops.

Approximate specifications are as follows:

Edge: Sharp
Length: 47cm
Width at quillons: 1.25cm
Blade width: 5cm
Blade length: 31cm
Grip length: 17.5cm
Weight: 600g
Material: 1080 high carbon steel, tan leather, Rosewood.

You must be over 18 to purchase. High carbon steel is not moisture resistant, please dry after use and oil regularly to keep in top condition.