Damascus Finger-Hole Knife - Clearance

£35.00 £49.00

These Damascus knives have a great profile and a few of different grip styles. They have been discounted as the style is not our usual thing and not up to the standard of our regular blades; although it is good quality sharpened Damascus with well-crafted wood and resin handles and a steal at this price. These knives have a distinct shaped blade with a finger hole for further grip, and come complete with tan leather sheaths. 

*handle colours vary and can not be guaranteed
Approximate specifications are as follows:

Edge: Sharp 
Length: 21cm
Blade width (at widest): 4cm
Blade length: 9.5cm
Weight: 220g
Material: Damascus steel, wood, resin
sheath: tan leather

You must be over 18 to buy this product or view this website. These items are shipped very sharp please use them with care, and please regularly oil them to keep them in great condition.