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Dyed Veg Tan Leather - 8 square foot - 4mm

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These premium Veg Tanned and Dyed leather are great for crafting leather goods such as belts, armor, collars and other leather accessories. The 4mm thickness of this leather also means it is perfect for leather engraving or embossing. 

They are available in the following colours:

Ox Blood
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Mid Brown

Approx. Specifications:

Width: aprox.  2 foot
Length: aprox. 4 foot
Total Area: aprox. 8 square foot
Thickness: 4mm

Due to this being a natural product each hide is an irregular shape.

If you would like examples of the colour please contact and we can send over some photos for you. Please be aware that the colour in photos may differ slightly in person due to lighting conditions and screen settings on the device you are viewing the photos on.