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Odin's Wisdom Gift Set - Asgard

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The Odin's Wisdom handmade range includes a set of wax melts, a candle and a pewter pendant. The pewter Manx Gungnir is cast and finished by Asgard, based in Scotland. The pendant depicts Gugnir, the spear of the Norse god Odin, with the shaft decorated with Manx-style knotwork. The set of eight runed wax melts are coloured with royal purple mica to signify Odin's status in the Norse pantheon. These wax melts are scented with a combination of woodsmoke, amber and sandalwood. The candle matches in aroma and colour, and is presented in a black tin with contrasting white runes on the lid. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Candle: 45g wax (12hr burn time approx) 
Wax melts: 8 units 
Pewter Mjolnir Weight: 12g
Pewter Mjolnir Dimensions: 12mm X 50mm