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Nordic Sword - Windlass


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This one-handed lightweight sword is based on historical finds; it features a D-shaped pommel and compact guard. The blade is forged steel, features a leather-wrapped grip and comes complete with a wood and leather scabbard.

This is the Windlass range of display and living history swords. Imported from Spain, these swords are blunt but they have fine edges and would also do nicely for test-cutting. Windlass Steelcraft take pride in their levels research and design and supply high quality replicas of historical and fictional weaponry around the world.

Overall length: 86.5cm
Blade length: 69cm
Grip length: 10cm
Point of balance: 12cm
Weight: 1080g
Blade: High Carbon Steel

The Windlass range of swords are purposefully blunt in order to be suitable for display and living history. We do not offer a sharpening service currently.

*All dimensions are approximate and may vary minimally from piece to piece. 
*This product is high carbon steel and will need occasional oiling, especially after use.

Customer Review:

"Bought this on a whim today. You know when I posted the question recently what sword you'd take adventuring? This is what I'd take.

It’s very, very light and somewhat short. But the balance is suitability forward weighted that I'd expect this to cut well. Handles wonderfully in combination with a small shield. Really great fun!

The blade is nice and straight and the grip swells slightly to be flush with the pommel. A nice detail, it makes for a comfortable grip. You can hook your pinkie over the pommel and swing with great control. The blade is stiff enough to give a forceful thrust but flexible enough to be resilient.

It's a good temper, not as hard as my antique cutlass but harder than some budget reenactment blades. Should keep a good edge. It is not sharp out of the box but the blade is bevelled to about 1mm, thin enough to easily give it a true edge with stones or an accusharp.

It’s threaded with a retaining nut at the pommel, but it's nice and tight, well put together.

You know when you play a game and you buy your first sword upgrade after your starter weapon? This is what it feels like. A really decent, reliable little sidearm.
This is great. I have the house full of swords but I've been playing with this for an hour now. It's a really good sword."

- Sascha 


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