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"Last year I slew a yar-bear, three meters tall. The beast maimed me, and for a time it seemed I would die from my wounds. Now I wish I had. It would have been a warrior's death." 

After the popularity of our Sword of Honor, here it is, our long-awaited Blade of Honor! These iconic Sci-fi blades are exclusively cut and polished by our friend and great business owner Gordon Coe of Mando metalsmith, then polished, wrapped and shipped here at Raven Forge.

If you'd like a specific colour leather grip, please write this in your notes at checkout, or email with your colour preference. If you would like it in standard black, there is no need to leave a note. 

Leather wraps available in the following colours:


Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Edge: blunt
Length: 46cm
Blade width: 7.5cm
Blade length: 25cm
Grip length: 17.5cm
Weight: 440g
Material: Steel and leather

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