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Mega Cleaver

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Introducing the new Raven Forge Mega Cleaver, based on the design of the Japanese Soba Kiri, a knife used for making noodles.

We have taken this design, dialled up the thickness and weight to create a truly formidable kitchen tool: the Mega Cleaver. With 2 blades that cover the full depth and length of the cleaver, with the lower blade running the full length of the grip. 

Each cleaver is sharpened and the edges fully polished, leaving the vast body with a layer of forge patina for character. They are all shipped with a full leather sheath covering both blades.

Approximate specifications are as follows:

Weight 1.2kg
Overall length 28cm
Bottom blade 28cm
Blade depth 13cm
Top blade 13cm
Grip length 13cm
Materials: high carbon steel, Rosewood handle

You must be over 18 to view this website and purchase this product. High Carbon steel is not moisture resistant; dry thoroughly after use and please regularly oil to keep in top condition.