Lime Cream Gin - Forged in Wakefield


Bring forth the nostalgia with this lime sweet gin! Entirely unique and a real zinger, this gin is perfect for summer parties and cocktails. 


Flavour notes:
Lime cream is reminiscent of the hard candy outer shell of a lime sweet. Creamy in texture and full of flavour. Beautiful when paired with a premium tonic or as part of your favourite cocktail, garnish with a slice of lime of course!

About the Company:
Forged in Wakefield was formed in January 2019 by couple Victoria and Gary, who strived to make the perfect Yorkshire tipple. After learning the centuries-old art of making Gin, they now work hard to stick to their core values of making the best gin they can for you, each bottle made with care and love.

Other Information:
Vol: 70cl
ABV: 37.5% 

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