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Gorse Mead - The Rookery Craft Mead


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Gorse gives a vibrant splash of colour to the hills from early spring right into the autumn.  Although evil to pick, thanks to the sharp thorns, it is sweet and fruity to smell and taste, giving hints of pineapple and coconut, making the pain worth it!  The bright yellow petals are picked from patches near The Rookery and are fermented with honey to create this unique and moreish drink.

Fairly sweet and tropical, try it chilled on a warm day, or room temperature to bring you some warmth on a chilly day.

Rookery Craft Mead is an independent meadery in Perthshire. A huge amount of research go into their meads, looking to evidence in the historical and archæological record for source material, then back-engineering these ancient drinks to create modern and exciting products. Almost all the ingredients, down to the wax seal, are foraged and sourced from the local area; if there was ever an authentic mead, this is it.

No sulphites, sugars or syrups are used…ever!

Store in a cool dark place.  Shelf-life is in excess of 1 year.

Volume: 700ml
ABV: 17%


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