Gjermundbu Helm with Aventail


This helmet is based on a historical find discovered by accident during 1943 at the Gjermundbu farm in Norway. It was found in 9 fragments and was subsequently restored. The Gjermundbu is the only complete restored Viking helmet to exist. 

Our Gjermundbu is made of high carbon steel and features the classic spectacle design with nose guard seen in the original Gjermundbu finds. It also includes an aventail; when the historical helm was found, rings were found around the brim of the helm suggested one was once attached.

Our Gjermundbu helm includes the spike at the top of the helm, which was historically thought of for aesthetic purposes rather than any practical use. It also includes an adjustable leather liner with a chin strap, to secure the helm in place. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Full length including hanging aventail: 62cm
Length of spike tip to end of nose guard: 37cm
Spike length: 7.5cm 
Circumference: 65cm 
Weight: 2.3kg