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Ginger Mead - The Rookery Craft Mead


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Rich and warming, this is made with fresh, raw ginger, rather than a concentrate, giving a delicate and fruity flavour.  Quite sherry-like, there is little heat from the ginger, but lots of flavour.  This mead mixes well with whisky or gin.  Try it with a mixer for a cool, long drink. Made with only three ingredients: honey, water and fresh, pressed ginger root.

Serve chilled or warmed with a slice of lemon or orange.

Rookery Craft Mead is an independent meadery in Perthshire. A huge amount of research go into their meads, looking to evidence in the historical and archæological record for source material, then back-engineering these ancient drinks to create modern and exciting products. Almost all the ingredients, down to the wax seal, are foraged and sourced from the local area; if there was ever an authentic mead, this is it.

No sulphites, sugars or syrups are used…ever!

Store in a cool dark place.  Shelf-life is in excess of 1 year.

Volume: 700ml
ABV: 17%


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