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Fusion Buster Sword - Final Fantasy


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"No one lives in the slums because they want to. It's like this train. It can only go where the tracks take it."

The massive and iconic Fusion Buster sword, wielded by Cloud Strife from FFVII and Advent Children. This is such an exciting collectors item. Fully capable of breaking down in to 6 separate swords and reconstructing in to the Fusion Sword. This transforming mega sword is a thing of beauty and so much fun to try and hold.

Full Length: 130cm
Blade Length: 93cm
Grip Length: 30cm
Blade Width: 15cm
Guard Width: 20cm
Weight: 5.8KG
Materials: 420 stainless steel
Edge: Blunt
Scabbard: No
Display Plaque: No