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Full-Steel Doomhammer - World of Warcraft


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The Doomhammer was crafted long ago in a pool of elemental lava on the Orc homeworld of Draenor. It is a namesake relic passed down from father to son and was given to Thrall as a testament of faith and honour during the salvation of the Orcs. Although the hilt of the hammer has been replaced, the actual hammerhead itself has endured as a testament to the crafter's skill. The hammer, despite its name, is generally seen as a weapon of good; upholding family honour and bringing doom to enemies. 

This full-steel Doomhammer is absolutely insane; coming in at almost 9kg, it's a serious force to be reckoned with. This replica is screen-accurate, from the huge textured and weathered head to the faux leather and fur grip, the attention to detail really is immense.

This hammer is an absolutely iconic collectable for any WoW enthusiast. 

Approximate specifications are as follows:

Full length: 55.5cm
Handle Length: 41cm
Head Height: 17.5cm
Head Width: 28cm
Weight: 8.7kg

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