Full Steel Bearded Throwing Axe


Introducing our brand new range of throwers, the Full Steel Collection. We've developed these to be a great, fun thing to throw; we've thrown them at our local axe throwing range and they're a right laugh - durable, heavy, something totally different to your everyday thrower. Not an experience to be missed! 

All our full steel throwers are stamped with the Raven Forge logo and come complete with a tan leather sheath. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Weight: 870g
Length: 51.5cm 
Blade Length: 15cm
Edge: Sharp 
Materials: High Carbon Steel, Leather Sheath 

You must be over 18 to view this website and purchase this product. High Carbon Steel is not moisture resistant; please dry thoroughly if in contact with water and oil regularly to keep in top condition.