Forged Cleaver

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Introducing the Forged Cleaver, this is one of our new knives in our hand-forged knife collection. The Cleaver comes in at a lengthy 27cm, with a chunky forged blade that's been sharpened to a keen edge. The blade tapers into a handle that has been carefully curved and twisted during the forging process. The Cleaver, rather than being fully polished, has been left with it's original patina finish, giving it a really authentic feel. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Edge: Sharp
Length: 27cm
Width at quillons: 5cm
Blade width: 6.25cm
Blade length: 17cm
Grip length: 12.5cm
Weight: 220g

Material: high carbon steel

This knife is made from high carbon steel, and therefore is not moisture resistant. Please dry as soon as possible after use, and regularly oil to keep in great condition.

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