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EDC Folding Damascus Seax - Raven Forge


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Damascus steel is one of the great mysteries of metallurgy, not so much lost to time, but changed by it. Todays Damascus is layered steel, welded and forged together to create the defined dark lines modern Damascus Steel. In this case, it is then worked in these unique pieces of jewellery; real, modern Damascus steel to be worn and carried with you every day.

This is not etched, but made from real billet Damascus steel. It's a great folding Raindrop Damascus steel blade on hardwood and brass fittings with red laminate inlay. UK friendly, no locking mechanism and sub 3inch blade this is a great pocket knife. Shipped with a leather pouch with belt loop.

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Weight: 180g
Full length when open: 17cm
Blade length: 6.5cm
Blade material: High carbon steel raindrop-patterned Damascus

You must be over 18 to buy this product. These items are shipped very sharp please use with care, and due to the high carbon steel blade please regularly oil to keep in great condition.