Damascus Knife - Blue Resin

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This is a Damascus knife made for us by an independent smith. This knife is based on a clip point knife, these date back to at least Macedonian times, where examples of knapped flint clip point knives have been unearthed at the estuary of Drim. This is a much more modern approach, with Damascus steel and polished handles of various colours and materials. They're a modern celebration of something that dates back as far as 700BC. 

Our knives are not etched, but made from real billet Damascus steel to give them a truly stunning finish. The handle is really unique with a mixed blue and black resin gloss finish, they are not argon welded, they are full tang Damascus from top to Butt. 

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Full length - 23cm
Grip length - 11cm
Blade length - 12cm
Blade width - 3.5cm
Weight: 170g
Handle material: Resin
Damascus Steel composition: 1070 HCS and 4340 Tool Steel
Sheath composition: Veg tanned leather hide and single stitch

You must be over the age of 18 to purchase a sharp knife. Due to it's high carbon steel blade, please dry after use and oil the blade to keep it pristine over time.