Damascus Knives

This is a Damascus knife made for us by an independent smith. This knife is based on a clip point knife, these date back to at least Macedonian times, where examples of knapped flint clip point knives have been unearthed at the estuary of Drim. This is a much more modern approach, with Damascus steel and polished handles of various colours and materials. They're a modern celebration of something that dates back as far as 700BC,

Our knives are not etched but made from real billet Damascus steel to give these knives a truly stunning finish, the handles are not argon welded but again, full tang Damascus from top to Butt, the handles are a mixture of wood, micarta and resin polished to a high polish for the wood and resin and dull polish for the Micarta.  

The knives are 23cm long, and weigh roughly 170g and feel amazing in the hand.

Specs (Approx as all items are made by hand):

Total length - 23cm
Grip length - 11cm
Blade length - 12cm
Blade width - 3.5
Handle material: wood, micarta or resin
Damascus Steel composition: 1070 HCS and 4340 Tool Steel
Sheath composition: Veg tanned leather hide and single stitch

*Must be over 18 to buy this product or view this website.
*These items are shipped very sharp please use with care.
*Damascus steel should be regularly oiled to keep in great condition.