Damascus Chess Piece Pendant

Damascus steel is one of the great mysteries of metallurgy, not so much lost to time, but changed by it. Today's Damascus is layered steel, welded and forged together to create the defined dark lines of modern Damascus Steel. In this case, it is then worked into these unique pieces of jewellery; real, modern Damascus steel to be worn and carried with you every day.

These hefty chess-piece-shaped pendants are handmade from Damascus billet, inlaid with a brass ring. They are hung with a lengthy piece of real waxed leather cord. A perfect unique gift for a loved one (or yourself, for that matter!)

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Length: 4.2m
Material: Damascus high carbon steel 
Cord Material: Waxed leather

High carbon steel is not water-resistant, if these come in contact with water please dry completely afterwards. Regularly oil to keep in top condition.