D-Pommel Sharp Viking Sword - Kvetun

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These are the highest quality sharp Viking swords; made by expert bladesmiths in Russia and sharpened in-house by our very own Jacob. They look great and have good balance.

Kvetun are an association of craftsmen passionate in making medieval weapons and armour. Their swords, helmets, mail and lamellar armours are used all over the world in historical fencing and re-enactment communities, from Wolin in Poland to St. Ives Medieval Faire in Australia.

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Length: 90.5cm
Blade length: 74 cm
Grip length: 11cm
Pommel: Peened
Weight: 1340g
Point of balance: 10.5cm

Supplied with black leather scabbard.

With these being high carbon steel, please keep dry and regularly oil to keep in great condition.


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