D-Pommel Reenactment Sword - Kvetun


This is the Kvetun range of re-enactment swords, they’re so damn confident in their work that they stand by them with a 1 year warranty. They’re absolutely re-enactment and Bohurt suitable and ready for action. Utter stunning, utterly functional.

Kvetun are an association of craftsmen passionate in making medieval weapons and armour. They are proud to present their work on international level and put it to the most harsh testing. Their swords, helmets, mail and lamellar armours are used all over the world in historical fencing and re-enactment communities, from Wolin in Poland to St. Ives Medieval Faire in Australia.

Length: 91cm
Blade length: 75cm
Grip length: 10.5cm
Pommel: Re-enactment / Bohurt grade
Weight: 1.05kg
POB: 15.5cm

* These swords do not come with a sheath/scabbard
* Kvetun Armouries provide a 1 year guarantee against breakage on these swords