Forged Wedge Knife - Seconds

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This is in seconds as it has no sheath.


This beautiful knife is shows twisting and turning classic hand-forged greatness, it is slightly curved with a curled handle. 

It's sharp, it's simple, it's classy.

Our hand-forged wedge knife is made from high carbon steel and is sharpened to a keen edge, comes in a thick stitched leather sheath.

Edge: Sharp
Length: 18.5cm
Blade width: 5cm
Blade length: 8.75cm
Grip length: 7.5cm
Weight: 124g

Material: high carbon steel

Care instructions:

This is high carbon steel, it must be cleaned and *thoroughly* dried after use. We strongly recommend to oil the blade after use to prevent any damp and seal the blade. 


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