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The Black Falcon


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This unique axe has been reshaped in house by Jacob to create this epic looking boarding axe. It's light enough to stay fresh during battle, hafted for throwing, and although the blade is blunt, the point is sharp enough to bite into those longboat planks. It's been finished with black leather crossed over the head and a long grip so even if you're not raiding this season it makes a great display piece.

This axe would be ideal for throwing or display. The blade is blunt, but if you choose to sharpen it, it will hold an edge for a long time.

Approximate specifications:

Weight: 1kg 
Length: 69cm 
Total Head Length: 24cm
Blade Length: 14cm
Blade edge: Blunt
Haft: Ash
Wrapping: Black Leather

This blade is high carbon steel, so is not moisture resistant. Please keep dry, and regularly oiled to maintain top condition.


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